International Association for Lichenology

Journal Club

Journal Club

Organization: Ana Fávaro & Theo Llewellyn

The Early Career Research Committee activities will take place twice per month and alternate between journal club-type paper discussion and guest talks/workshops with renowned lichenologists. If you are an undergraduate student, postdoc, or recently hired young professional lichenologist, these meetings are for you!

Come to this safe and welcoming environment to express your ideas and share knowledge with other attendees. Contact Ana Fávaro (email hidden; JavaScript is required) or Theo Llewellyn (email hidden; JavaScript is required or email hidden; JavaScript is required) for more information. We will advertise upcoming events on IAL social media and mailing list.

We look forward to seeing you there!



27 April 2023 – To explore strange new worlds – The diversification in Tremella caloplacae was linked to the adaptive radiation of the Teloschistaceae

15 June 2023 – Nuanced qualitative trait approaches reveal environmental filtering and phylogenetic constraints on lichen communities

3 August 2023 – Water regulation dynamics of lichens as functional traits could predict future climate change scenarios in an elevational gradient from Central Argentina

16 November 2023 – Can we trust iNaturalist in lichenology? Evaluating the effectiveness and reliability of artificial intelligence in lichen identification

14 December 2023 – Metatranscriptomics reveals diversity of symbiotic interaction and mechanisms of carbon exchange in the marine cyanolichen Lichina pygmaea