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Dharani Awasthi

Dharani Awasthi

Prof. Dharani Awasthi was educated at the University of Lucknow where he obtained his Ph.D. in 1947. From 1952 he lectured in Botany at Lucknow University. He also studied at the University of Colorado at Boulder and obtained his Ph.D. there in 1963.

Awasthi has long been interested in the lichens of his home country India and over the past 40 years has published many papers and monographs. His work on Dirinaria was a landmark. He has published a catalogue of Indian lichens and recently, comprehensive keys to Indian macrolichens and microlichens. He has built up a comprehensive herbarium and encouraged many students in Indian lichens.

For his long and devoted service to the study of lichenology in India, I am very pleased to propose Dharani Awasthi as an Acharius medalist

Isao Yoshimura